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Paris Hilton Shows Off Natural Twin Assets In La

Paris Hilton left nothing for imagination, as he left An Los Angele solarium as a bra, showing her natural sunlight balsamico. L act rejected worldly sexy voices that had undergone the surgeons knife, reports the Sunday. Meanwhile, Hilton, who has split from rocker Good Charlotte l Benji Madden last year, has revealed that men will always wait for some time before they kiss. The voices started boob job after taking several rounds of the hotel heiress sports a considerably bigger bust in recent months.
4.2.09 11:54

Rihanna Wears Obama On Her Fingernail

Rihanna show its President Barack Obama pink nails while running the NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl concert held at the Florida State Fairgrounds Ford Amphitheater on Thursday (January 29) in Tampa, Florida 20-year-old Barbados beautys nails were made from Minx Nails.Rihanna Timbaland is said and cast a pre-Grammy Party on February 6th in Los Angeles, reports RihannaDaily.Last years, Tim Fergie joined in hosting.
4.2.09 11:54

Lily Allen Hits Number One

La cantante pop diva Lady Gaga expelled, while Orange Unsigned Act winner Tommy Reilly made number 14 with his debut, Gimme a call. Lily Allen has the number one singles in the charts with his latest offer fear. In the album charts, however, Franz Ferdinand only to number two with their third exit, Tonight Franz Ferdinand, with Bruce Springsteens working on a Dream keep out the top..
4.2.09 11:54

Is John Mayer Planning A Proposal For Jennifer Aniston

While the structure and often acerbic singer-May have made a typo on the first word (which may have meant handling), theres no mistaking engagement rings. However, it remains to be seen if the celeb is serious jokester. John Mayer may be planning a girl Jennifer Aniston if the serial joker is playing things straight on his Twitter account. The close-lipped couple have kept their relationship quiet recently, but the musician took his Twitter page suggest it may have bought a ring. Visit the Diamond Exchange in Tustin, wrote on Friday, Saturday next with a welding ring for my girlfriend.
4.2.09 11:54

Kim Kardashian Skips Superbowl To Videotape Workout

I m flying to [Los Angele] first thing on Sunday morning to film my fitness DVD on how to pitch and stay in shape for a curvy body, for 28 years, this popular. Com Friday night at the 6th Annual Leather. Perhaps because his side, New Orlean Saint running back Reggie Bush, isn t playing in this great game for years, or perhaps simply to collect advertising for what may be the most sought-2009s soft-soft-core porn videos, watching Kim Kardashian missed today Superbowl to appear in what she describes as a multi-dimensional workout video.
4.2.09 11:54

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